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Quuppa BLE RTLS solution components

BLE tags

Tags (or trackers) can be any Bluetooth® Low Energy device that is transmitting a Quuppa specified radio packet, including an Android and iOS devices.

Quuppa locators

Advanced antennas, the Locators, measure the direction of a radio signal transmitted by a Tag and interface with the software platform.

Tracking software suite

The Positioning Engine then computes the Tag’s position using advanced algorithms. You can either use TrackSphere, a flexible and comprehensive tracking, inventory & event management application or you can integrate your corporate EPR, MES or WMS applications through our open source API.

Key Features

Real-time Locating System

Positioning accuracy down to 10 cm, provides real-time location updates even for the fastest moving objects, and is reliable & robust in the most challenging of environments.

Track smartphones and tags

Whether you need pinpoint positioning, proximity, or just presence detection – while offering connectivity for IoT sensors.


Low-cost, ultra long-lasting tags, ease of deployment, care-free operation and active remote monitoring, all contributing to the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Multiple tag options

Choose from dozens of tag options or design your own. Run the OS independent software locally or in the cloud and integrate through standard, open API.

User-friendly Application

TrackSphere™ is powerful software that supports zoning, alerting, tracking and report consolidating. It turns real-time location data to actionable intelligence.


Our Android-native apps are responsive to different screen sizes. You can also read our tags using your smartphone.

Open API

Our API provides raw data as well as events (geofencing, tag behavior, Boolean ops, KPIs) to help you integrate it with your operation application or to customize your dashboard.

Sensors and Tag Options

We can incorporate additional sensors to our tags, such as a panic button, IMU with accelerometer and gyroscope, IP67, anti-tampering feature, temperature, vibration and buzzer alarms.